Thursday, October 29, 2009


It was last Saturday. We had our Orientation Finale 2009 for the 1st year students. Pictures of the event will be posted later after editing. I went on a shopping spree with Anaand after the event at Metropolis. H&M totally stole my heart! I bought a lycra dress from Topshop & wool leggings from H&M. Those two are enough to burn a hole in my pocket. We had Starbucks before rushing back just in time for my futsal match. Nearly missed it! Gosh...

-Enjoy the pictures like I do-

Close up


Side profile

Umbrella man

Umbrella Woman


Starbucks craze



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Anonymous said...

i enjoyed the pictures.. just like you did..

i wish we had such good weather here in kursk.. warm sunrays basking over us, beautiful parks..