Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Riverside is <3

A totally outdated post. I just found them in the archives awhile go. Decided to just go ahead and post them pictures up. Mind you, the weather in Moscow is gloomy as hell now with rainfalls daily. Aih! By the way, time differences between Moscow and Msia has increased to 5 hours now due to day light savings that started last Sunday.


Mr Fashionable. LOL

Still remember my torned tee?

Couldn't resist some poses

Balloons for good days of Summer

Hawaii Wannabe

Young cyclist

The riverside





 I like this picture :)





Tousled hair by the wind


woohoo said...

if i were u, i would love to push the lady whois sunbathing down the river. hahaha!

AmyKsy said...

haha why? too obscene?