Monday, December 07, 2009

Saturday Night Fever.

It was one particular Saturday 2 weeks back. Met up with Din, from M1. It has been more than a year since the last we hang out.

Venue: Starbucks, Frunzenskaya.

Menu: 2 Caramel Frap

Verdict: 9/10 (Delicious as usual, but pricey (2 times the price in Msia!) Haha.




Hobo! Can't wait to stone together in Amsterdam.

Amyksy. Bad hair day!!


Night proceeded with late dinner with Kian & Allysha at Kampus.

The restaurant was packed with people during weekends, we had to sit in a cramped room filled with Russians.

Talk about AWKWARD.

They kept staring at us as if we're not from Planet Earth. LOL


Shisha. Russian. We had our share too!


Allysha. Amy.


Tut tut TRAIN.


OMG. Such an unglam shot of me! But I still have to show you guys, how I smoked Shisha.

Within 10 puffs, I was on Cloud 9.

Head was spinning madly.


Ally lone shot.


Amyksy again.

Bongok Kian!!!


Love my Italian Glass Ring from Venice :)


Sultry hot Ally. XOXO


You're the smelly one.




Ally in the dark.



Lycra body dress, Topshop




♥ Outfit for the night!

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Anonymous said...

nice. i want to shisha too. :)