Thursday, March 11, 2010

ZONA revived

Went Clubbing for the 1st time this year. We went to the old place named 'ZONA', a 3 story building multi-club house which has a 'prison-like' architecture. I decided to go namely because of several reasons:

1. It has been a DARN long time since I clubbed.

2. It was a good end to a horrible cycle, ENT. I finished my finals on the same day itself.

3. Just felt like grooving.

Anyways, coincidentally, Hao called me that night asking me if I wanted to go. Not bothered with the fact that I was the ONLY one from my UNI who was enthusiastic about going, I left the hostel premise at 11pm alone and headed to the metro. Met the bunch around 12am and we walked to the club house.

Conclusion: It was fun and sweaty though it's a little boring towards the end. I learned how to shuffle! XD We chilled till 6am and took the metro back home.

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