Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sudden Excitement

I don't know why, but I have a sudden attack of anxiety and excitement. For the next installment of Massad 2011 although 2010 just happened last week! LOL. Call me crazy! But it is also my last year next year. So Massad 2011 will be my MOST GRAND Massad. I think I will be going on an ALL-OUT hunt for my prom dress when I get back! Can't wait! =.=

After party...Dancing..

Accepting the award given by Betty Ling, President of Massad 2010 =)

Dancing with Thiva, Ex futsal coach.

Singing, I've gotta feeling..

With a very sweet senior, Hanan.

Lol. Stole this picture from FB.
Pretty boy Adam on the right!! <3


Us dancing Thriller...The Mojos..

Again! Woot..BBQ together tomorrow hehe!!

With Sherman and Pretty boy, Adam =)

The most elegant woman of the night, Irise =)

Billy singing.

Me dancing heh.

With one of the people who made Massad 2010 a success, Old friend, Kent Chan!

Cutie Cherrie!

With Koi =)

Both ShinS!

With 'ayu' lady, Kak Alan! =)


The Mojo Girls. hehe




Kian bongok!

Billy =)

Amy, Jo, Kian Bongok


The trophies!

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