Friday, January 11, 2008


Reached the airport and both of us were fetched by my cousin, Sam and her bf, Romi. We quickly set off on our journey to Paris. But we will be stopping by a few cities on the way. It was already noon when we landed and we haven't had anything since the night before. Was starving all the way through the journey till we finally reached Romi's parent's house. Yes. We overnight there and set off early the next day. His mom was so delighted to see me as I 'kind of' bear the resemblence to Sam. Lol. I don't know for sure. Probably cause she don't see chinese people often and everyone looks the same to her. She kept talking to us in Romanian which we don't understand at all. Lol. Had a LOVELY and HEARTWARMING home made dinner by his parents.

Both of them are over 80 years old. Believe it or Not.

Helping out

Dining table

Sibiu *North part of Romania*

Camwhoring on the way. There's nothing much to do.

Herd of sheeps blocking the road

Cousin and I
Brasov. Nice town

Black & White

Doing stupid stuff with the mp3 player

Its just so funny

Nothing much in Romania though. Next stop: Budapest, Hungary.

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